Finally Spring II

welcome back! part two of my finally spring series. today we’re getting very superficial but sometimes i really want to be just because i love fashion and i like to be dressed nice. if you like that too, carry on reading and then you will get to know what my favourite fashion pieces in spring and summer are. πŸŽ€sun glasses - ray ban

1.  πŸ‘“ so my first favourite are these sunglasses. i mean who wants to be dazzled by sun?! i guess nobody and because of that we wear classy sunglasses. last weekend i found this sweetheart and i knew we would be best friends. these sunglasses are brown because i’m very pale and a black one would be to hard for my face (also available in black, red and grey). they suit my face perfectly and i feel like queen of sun when i’m wearing them! so if you also want to see something when you’re looking up to the sky try these out. -number written on the glasses RB 4203 714-


2. πŸ‘— so my next summer love are t-shirt dresses. i really like to wear them when i normally would stay at home when it’s hot but when i have school i can’t just stay at home (i’m a well-behaved girl you know). so i throw on this dress and i’m ready to go. i love when i don’t have to think about what i could wear but i can just pick up this and i’m finished. and if you would ask me what my favourite clothing shop is i would definitely answer BRANDY MELVILLE! i’m so in love. and by the way the dress i called Aneita Top on brandy melville.


3. πŸ’…πŸΌ this is not really fashion i know but anyways i love it! nail polish is my biggest obsession and no day passes by i’m not wearing nail polish on my ugly gollum nails. i know it’s very dark and brown but i love dark colours so much! even i spring i can’t get away of wearing black! this is the colour 469 brown tumbleweed by BeYu and it’s a brownish bit muddy colour. it lasts very long when you apply it in two layers.

so i’m finished with my three spring fashion favourites. as you can see i’m a goth when it comes to colours. my favourite colour is black. well i know in spring you should be a flower girl but i love it simply black and brown. that’s my style and i hope you like it… and just click on the pics if you want to come to the website where the stuff is sold. and please tell me what are your fashion favourites and if you like mine!

~ ❀ lea

ps. today is sunday as you all will already recognized and if you’re interested in another sunday depression post leave a comment and maybe there will be a weekly sad sunday episode… if you’d like to have a happy blog alright! i want to make the best out of my blog and because you are the readers you’re the boss!


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