Let’s get basic

ok i’m definitely no fashionista or anything but i’m a shopaholic for sure and that’s why i can show you some basic clothing of me. that’s stuff i think every girl should have in her wardrobe -and that’s just a small part i want to show. and yes everyone has an own style but that’s mine. like it or not. let me know.

first things first (i’m the realest -sorryπŸ™Š) i want to show you my brand new favourite fashion piece in my shoe shelf. i really looked a long time for white shoes πŸ‘Ÿ i think white sneakers or sandals fit with everything and because i’m a sporty girl i wanted chic sneakers. you can wear them casually or also elegant with a dress or a nice jumpsuit. if you’re just wearing a black tee with black jeans white shoes can really grade up you outfit and that’s why i love them so much. they make me feel so much more fashionable. yeah i know, they get dirty for the first time you wear them but we have the little nice friend called washing machine. my suggestion if you also like plain white shoes are vans old skool. i just love them because they look great but your feet don’t hurt when you’re wearing them.

jeans are classics. and why not transform them into a jacket? the inventor of denim jacket had exactly that thought. and a big thank to him because now i’m able to present my second basic. mine is in destroyed denim and looks used but that’s what makes it so special. in summer or spring when it’s getting cold -so much for global warming- you can just throw it on and it looks so nice with just a tee and black or white trousers. no go: never wear them with jeans in the same colour as your jacket. you can combine it with a darker or lighter colour.

third basic is an oldie. cardigans. i mean, who doesn’t have a cardigan? and if you really don’t, go to town and buy one asap! just something to throw on and go out. if you have one -i prefer long ones- you have a whole outfit with just a top and trousers. perfectly dressed. my suggestion has fringes but you can wear every type of cardigan that you want, i know it will look great!

ok, now it’s time to say goodbye. thank you for being a reader of this post. hope you liked it. kisses Xx πŸ’„


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