New in I

helloo fashion lovers πŸ’• yesterday i went shopping -as usual quite every week… maybe i have a problem..? ok no matter. well i bought some pretty cool stuff i find. it’s very floral and colourful, not normal for me because one month ago i loved black a lot and now is orange my favourite! and patterned is also great! so i don’t know where this change came from but i really like it like this. we only live once and why don’t we live stylish and colourful?

so the first favourite item is a very cute top from mango. i love it so much because it’s so flattery and loose. it’s perfect for summer because it’s first of all orange 🍊 and you shine like a flower -not like a diamond, sorry. you look so girly when you wear it and i’m totally in love! it’s also available in many other colours just click the photo or on mango to find the top and other great clothes on their web side πŸ’»

and then my absolute favourite is this beautiful jumpsuit from h&m. i always looked for a comfy jumpsuit but i’ve never found one that suits perfectly. they always made me seem a bit heavy you know… #girlsproblem but this one is so gorgeous! i can’t wait ’till i could wear it! and especially i like the v-neck. it makes the jumpsuit so girly and feminine. you can also click the photos to come to the jumpsuit and to other clothes πŸ‘πŸΌ


so thanks for looking at my new loves in my wardrobe. did you like it? if yes comment and tell me why. and what are your favourite fashion pieces? ~xoxo lea πŸ’‹


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