Nail Art

i already wrote a blog post about my favourite nail polish at the moment -> dedicatet to kiko and so i did a kinda cute nail design with this and another nail polish. i thought i should just take photos and write a blog post about it because many kind bloggers liked the other one and i guess you like nail polish posts (?) it’s very easy and probably it won’t be something new for you, but i don’t care… 🙊

ok first you need two nail polishes 💅🏼 of your choice -i took these two because i just like the colours. then you need a scissor, a bit of sticky tape and tweezers.

so the first thing you gotta do is to lacquer your fingernails with the first colour of your choice, but make sure to paint one fingernail in a different colour than the others, no matter which one. let them dry very well, so you don’t damage the nail polish in the following steps. a little tip: to fasten the drying put you hand into cold water and let them rest there for like two minutes it works really good 💦

  when they’re totally dried you can start with cutting your sticky tape. just take a bit and then cut vertical lines into it. just look on the photo so you understand what i mean. then cut the strips away so you can put them onto your nail -the nail you painted in the other colour.


here you can see how i stack the strips on my nails. it’s just a suggestion you can just do however you want.

IMG_4591 IMG_4593

when you did this start painting you nails with the other colour (i took the blue on the pink here) so the strips leave a pattern on your nail. then dry the polish again and when it’s really well dried you can remove the tape with the tweezers -be careful and try not to damage the colour on your nail.


voilà! now that’s it ✨


very easy and i guess all of you would know it already but i think it looks very cute. comment if you liked it please. have a great day💞


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