Phonaholic – What’s on my Phone

huhu (in germany we say that sometimes as ‘hello’ πŸ˜‚)! i recently noticed -okay it’s definitely not recently- that i am really phone addicted. it’s not so bad that i never put it away but in the evening when i don’t have it with me i feel lonely and so sad… ok so i decided to show you what i really like to do with it, you know like the fancy youtubers show what’s on their phone. not that somebody wants to know what’s on my phone but, you know i just want to do this, so let’s see what i have on my phone! πŸ“±

DSC04474 DSC04473

okay here you can see the locked screen of my iPhone 6 in silver. i love this phone and can recommend it to everyone who thought about buying it 😍 the case is from Pull&Bear and it’s glitter that kinda swims in water and you can move it -awesome! my background image is just a flower because it’s spring and i like the colour of it. btw i took it by myself, i’m very proud and it’s so much fun to take photos with a phone that always make them look like they’re in hd.

DSC04480 DSC04481

then there’s my home screen. just the already installed apps, not very interesting, you can see what’s going on there. but there’s also WordPress which is interesting because my blog is fun -at least for me…😏


so the next page would be more interesting i guess because there’s my personal stuff. i don’t have so much just because i’m very thrifty with my 16gb memory cell. okay, my very favourite apps are definitely WhatsApp (without it i’d be dead), Instagram ( follow me if you want -> hppy.l ), YouTube , we heart it and also Shazam. okay, so Whatsapp is just to stay in touch with my friends and to chat about things we have to do and so on and it’s free. so what should i don’t like about it?


then Instagram is my biggest passion. i love taking photos and share them with my followers, and btw it's not my real account it's just a feed i made to post my pics on.
then Instagram is my biggest passion. i love taking photos and share them with my followers, and btw it’s not my real account it’s just a feed i made to post my pics on. -> hppy.l follow me
YouTube is also a favourite of mine because i’m really obsessed with videos and especially Zoella! i love her and everything that has something to do with her.

we heart it is such an inspiration for photos and i love scrolling through the recent pics to like them. i heart it!
if you really like music you have to own Shazam! you can tag music wherever you are to find out what song you’re listening to right now. it’s so useful!
what i forgot to mention is Vine -the most entertaining app i have! i can spend hours on watching vines! if you want to know who i like the most just ask me in the comments! my name there is just Lea
and what is also important is Snapchat. i mean who doesn’t like sending ugly pictures of yourself with you friends?! my name: iits_leaa
then i also have games. wow, there are actually two! congrats to me that i am such a gaming lover -not really. i just got Candy Crush which what i’m really a bit obsessed with and also Fruit Ninja and i always want to beat my high score. so if i really have nothing to do i play games…
you can see some other apps which aren’t so important because they just tell me when my bus arrives, what boring facebook stuff is going on (facebook is so out), what i can watch in the cinema, how i can translate words i don’t know or how i can edit my photos (actually i just edit them with my iPhone if you wanted to know).

so that’s it i guess. if you want to know more please just ask and give me a little feedback if you liked reading that. -love you, leaπŸ’‹


23 thoughts on “Phonaholic – What’s on my Phone

  1. Wow, you took the flower background! You should be really proud of yourself. I also love Zoella especially her vlogs with the the Sacconejoley and with her boyfriend, ALFIE DEYES.

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      1. i just don’t like that my wifi is slowing but i totally enjoy them but i will totally enjoy them if my wifi is not slowing but that time is midnight so i stay up and watch then….

        Liked by 1 person

      1. small things are actually more special coz we don’t expect that who will do that small thing for us .. big things are always being expected .. πŸ™‚ … so it is special … hhhahahahahah

        Liked by 1 person

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