New in II

hello hello! i went shopping (again) and i just want to show you the three pieces i took with me because i’m a little bit obsessed with them! 😍

ok first of all i shopped online. i love that because you don’t have to move a bit but a few days later you have some new fashion items. so what i chose is a white loose top. for me it screams summer and spring because it’s really flattery and so dizzy! i love that! you really feel like you’re wearing a flower but it’s a little bit cropped so it’s not that long. it’s from Bik Bok a website i recently discovered. i guess it’s from Norway and their style is exactly what i like right now. i recommend having a look on their beautiful clothes! -> top sing

take two: h&m. perfect place to go when you need cheap stuff. because the trousers i took with me were only 15€! i mean, hello?! ok i really like the prices and most of the time the quality is also quite good. so my trousers are pattered and they’re perfect to style up a outfit, when you’re wearing them it looks way more fashionlike that before. the colour isn’t really black and not really blue but it fits with a lot i think (also with the top). sadly i can’t find it online but just check out your h&m and look if they have it 👖

so i already shown you this one but i still love it! it’s my new phone case from Pull&Bear. i like it so much because it’s something different. you know the glitter inside moves and when you have nothing to do just play with the glitter! just because we don’t have hobbies! ->phone case. -when you click the link the size for iPhone 6 is 04, iPhone 5 03 and iPhone 4 02.


thanks for reading y’all! comment what you think. see you! 👋🏼


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