Veggie Day

yesterday i went to town because i knew there would be a ‘festival day’. there was a vegan market and i wanted to see what’s going on there 🌱


well it was quite… ecologic. i felt like i was wrong there because you know i’m whether vegan or veggie. there were many little stands where you could eat or inform you about being vegan, animal testing and stuff like that. it was so overcrowded but i was interested so i just squeezed my way through the people. many posters with killed animals, many people much food. it was a bit too much. so then we went to eat somewhere else-a pizza (very vegan).

it’s interesting how different a lifestyle can be. i eat meat and don’t care about animal testing and so on (ignorant i know) but it’s just too much effort for me. can you tell me if you know anything about being vegan? what’s good about it, does the food taste good? i have so many questions!

i found the market quite nice until i saw a stand where you could buy vegan condoms! i mean everything is alright, but you can really exaggerate with everything? you think someone like this is necessary? but i had to laugh because it’s so ridiculous (for me).

is anyone of you vegan or knows something about that? i just wanted to ask you because i don’t know anything about it…

just wanted to ask you that and then the last thing i want to share is this: between the vegan party this old woman in a tight short dress cruised with her little roller and her dog around. very crazy day!

so do you have any answers for me? special things about being vegan and how do you think about veggies and vegans?

thank you and goodbye! 😚


2 thoughts on “Veggie Day

  1. I’m not vegan but I am vegetarian. I am not against those that who choose to eat meat, but I wish more people understood how the animal was treated before it died and the envionmental impact of eating meat. Vegan is very hard and you need to be sure to get all the correct nutrients and vitamins. Vegetarian is much easier.

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    1. i know i thought about being vegetarian for maybe one week to test how i can handle it because the conditions for the animals are really bad i know this… and i try not to eat so much meat but vegan will be way to hard for me. for that big effort you have to take vitamin pills and other additions so that’s not worth for me.
      thank you for the comment! have a nice day.

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