May Favourites

i know that you all ask what this great girl for germany does and loves in the month may!  yes i know no one asks this but if you do i will answer you these questions with pleasure! 😇


i began using lipstick, i’m still very unsure if i like to bring my lips out so much but i thought when i do this i should use a colour that isn’t so flashy. so i went to the drugstore and looked for a very natural nude colour. like my lips but better. i found it after a long walk through the store. i thought it will be so easy to find a nice colour that fits my skin and isn’t too much for my pale face -when i apply too much i look overpainted- but it was quite difficult. so i picked up this one. it’s very natural and it just boosts the own colour of my lips. it’s from essence in 07 natural beauty. it’s exactly what i looked for! the only problem is that it doesn’t last so long but for 3€ my expectations weren’t that high. anyways, i still recommend this lipstick because the colour is so beautiful!


maybe some readers have already recognized that i’m obsessed with nail polish… i always have it on my nails, no day passes without. and now i’m really in love with orange in general. so i looked for the perfect shade for my nails. i found this one by Maybelline Color Show in Orange Attack. applied in two layers it lasts really long and the colour is so intense that everyone will see it one kilometer away. perfect for me! and for you?



i love to pimp up my room with pretty plants and especially flowers. and when it turns summer now what would be better than a sunflower? mine is very small but i have a weakness for small plants… so i got this one in a cute metallic flower pot which shimmers green. it’s beautiful! add: i’m also obsessed with metallic stuff at the moment. nails, shoes or home stuff -i love it!



ok that’s not really a favourite because i love my friends no matter what month it is but i thought i should include it! because what’s better than night out with your friends?! yes, exactly. nothing. so now get up and send them a message if you’re bored. spending time with them is the best thing you can ever do! -btw that’s my cute arm you can see in the picture


and i always love music like everyone. my newest songs on my playlist are

  • Future Island – Where I Found You  -> very chilly and made me think
  • Szymon – Golden -> slow song with beat
  • Best Coast – Boyfriend -> describes exactly the story of my life
  • La Femme – Le Blues de Françoise -> french music with electronic influence, very different
  • Major Lazer – Lean On -> makes me wanna dance

thank you very much for reading! what were your favourites in may? may be material or just something like music or spending time with someone. tell me and have a fantastic day! 💓


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