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Let’s have a Picnic

eating at home is a thing we do everyday. how boring. so why not going to eat outside? yeah exactly, why not?!

well i did it. because it’s so damn hot here! you really can’t stay in the house when the sun shines in! and with a cool breeze outside, when your hair streams, when the clothes flutter -what a nice feeling! what, you don’t like that?! well then stay inside and stifle in hot air.

 but if you like that then let me tell you the essentials!

  1. fist of all you need a blanket so your booty stays clean
  2. if you want to have a barbecue you can buy a little grill
  3. maybe some plates -optional, but of course napkins and cuterly
  4. and sunprotection is also very necessary because skin cancer is so underrated
  5. but most important: food
  • fruit is very easy to take away and is delicious and healthy of course πŸ’
  • when you have a barbecues take vegetables or meat if you want to πŸ—
  • biscuits and little crackers are also very nice πŸͺ
  • all kind of fingerfood (vegetables with dip or something)
  • water and juice or anything you want to drink. make sure to take enough because when it’s hot you should drink very much to not die of thirst 🍹
  • don’t take something that allures wasp or other insects

so that’s everything i would take with me, but of course you also need friends and family. don’t forget them!

if you want to read some recipes of what you can barbecue and how you can do desserts for example -comment!

thank you for reading. have a brilliant day! πŸ’Ž


10 thoughts on “Let’s have a Picnic

  1. I’m impatient waiting the moment you say . Everything its a joke. Thanks for your humour sense and excuse the delay of my answer. I’ve been a lot of hours outdoors and offline. See you soon to comment anything you want. Always a pleasure! ; )

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