do i live now? or do i live in the future?

i’m waiting for things to happen, exams to write, friends to meet… i’m waiting for summer when i can go on vacation. then everything starts again. i’m just waiting and working for things that aren’t important. i want to live now. i want to know what i want and what i want to happen, what i want to do. but i don’t.

i’m always looking up on people that have the things i will never get. i’m never happy and confident with me.

the question is why. why can’t i be luckyΒ and happy with the things i have? i’m living in a world i don’t like. i’m dreaming of things that never happen, it’s not real.

i guess iΒ have to find out what i’m for


27 thoughts on “Why

  1. Your questions are ones we all ponder at some point in our lives. Always remember though – that if you work hard, stay honest and treat people well, your life will be filled with amazing moments. Try your best to live in the present, and enjoy your youth. Stay positive and rise above the noise. You’ll succeed in your life. (I would tell this same advice to my young daughter πŸ˜€.)

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      1. I know the advice sounds cliche – but it works. I’ve done pretty well for myself so far in life by following the simple motto – live your life to the fullest!! 😁 Hang in their kid, the sun will rise tomorrow 🌞

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  2. Mesmerizing but funny glasses, and free entrance !!! (Excuse my joke).
    Hi Lea, I’ve seen some pictures of your instagram and
    I realize you recently visited Milano. The weekend june the 1rst, me and the chorus have been there, and because I know others beautiful cities of Italia, I didn’t like this.
    But the matter of this message is, could you tell me which italian city is your picture number 159, because it looks as a coastal town and the text calls Pavia and this is too far of sea. Could it be a mistake or is ther another Pavia in Italy? Thanks so much!

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    1. When i posted it i was in pavia so there’s just one but the city you see at the photo is like half an hour away from genova.. I just can’t remember what it was called but i guess it was something with N(?πŸ˜‚)
      Hope i helped you a bit! Xx

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      1. They are a public danger! You can go to any large queue and say to the people “see my glasses, see this mindfully, so don’t you understand I’m here a long time ago?” for example. But maybe you have another purpose more daring.

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