First Post

challenge accepted

so i was nominated by Jerrod to do the First Post Challenge.

the rules

  • copy-paste, link, pingback or whatever way you want to, your first post
  • state what type of post that was. e.g. introduction, story, poem
  • explain why that was your first post
  • nominate 5 other bloggers

well mine is really boring because i just told you who i am -> post just read it if you’re interested. sorry, i really wanted it to be a little bit more fancy but i think that’s the best way to start a blog… otherwise people wonder who this weird person is.

my nominees

  1. Sketchuniverse
  2. coldchickensoup
  3. MidnightDreamsXO
  4. crickets are ok
  5. livesmilehelp

that’s it. i hope it wasn’t too boring but well that was my first post. excuse.

anyway, have a fantastic day Xx


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