Jeans Overalls

my new favourite fashion trend many pretty girls are wearing are jeans overalls. i  love them! want some inspiration? keep on scrolling.


so the first look with a overall is a quite casual but for me so special look. with the navy blue dotted long sleeve and the long overall it’s more like a cold-spring-day-look but also for fall of course. i love that the jeans is so baggy and boyfriend styled but not too much so it’s still not too wide. the sneakers let the outfit look even more casual.


okay that is basically my favourite look. especially the short overall. i love it so much! light denim, bit vintage-like and combined with the blouse it’s so cute. love this style and i would immediately buy this overall. my favourite! the only thing i don’t like so much are the socks but that’s a question of taste.


then of course a overall in white. classy sassy on point. i admit i wouldn’t wear it because i’m a bit to kinda shy… i don’t dare to wear that. it’s a bit too extravagant for me but for a streetstyle for brave women i love to see it.

so these were my three favourite overall styles i found. which one was your favourite? bye bye see you! 💐


5 thoughts on “Jeans Overalls

  1. Yes, the cold gaze at the first picture, overcomes everything related with the outfit. I’ve always loved the texan skirts and monos too. I also like the navy blue long sleeve dotted but I do not like the combination of shoes and socks of the second picture. In my opinion the third model is mighty elegant in its simplicity, my favourite of these thres, but I don’t understand what can be bold for you, why you wouldn’t wear. Thanks for listen an apprentice in fashion.

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