diy: Cosmetics

you like your cosmetic to be natural and you want to know what ingredients it has? then you’re totally right here because today we’re making our own cosmetic. it’s free of any chemicals and of course it’s vegan if you use the right products.

1. dry shampoo

dry shampoo is the best thing you can use when you’re too lazy to wash your hair. so what do we do then? we use our dry shampoo cram-full of chemicals and bad stuff for your skin and hair. so why not make our own? let’s do this 🙆🏼

the only thing you need is cocoa and/or flour. either you mix both ingredients or you use every single one on its own. i mixed those two to have a nice smell and that it’s not too dark for my blonde hair.

because flour and cocoa are two powder products they absorb the grease and your hair looks fresh again.

well and while doing this you may feel like Walter White because it looks like you’re taking a fresh line of cocaine with cocoa…

just fill your finished dry shampoo in a little jar so you can use it whenever you want. i recommend putting it in a salt cellar so you can put it directly on the roots of your hair.

2. body scrub

it’s monday, 7 am. your mom makes herself a fresh coffee ☕️ she takes her mug and throws away the coffee ground -wait! stop! no mom, i need it for my body scrub to get skin like a baby butt! don’t throw that away!

well okay. now when i saved the coffee ground from my mom i want to start making my body scrub.

let’s take the coffee ground and add any kind of body care oil. i used baby oil because it’s very soft and all ingredients are nice for babies so it’s nice for my little baby face.

mix the ingredients and you’re ready to peel!


ok, that’s it. my minimalistic cosmetic laboratory. liked it? did you already know these recipes? leave a comment for me.

bye bye 🌹


7 thoughts on “diy: Cosmetics

    1. It’s so great! I was quite excited to test it and when i found out it worked i was really happy… So ridiculous 😂
      Sure i’ll do it tomorrow bc it’s quite late here Xx


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