Brandy Babe 

my favourite brand since every time is Brandy Melville. i love the style and the casuality of this brand so much i could literally buy everything in this shop 🙆🏼

style show

so do you know now why i’m so in love? what is your favourite style (in general)? and tell me if you’re also so obsessed with BM💋

btw i would give everything for being a brandy babe ✨


11 thoughts on “Brandy Babe 

    1. every time i go in there i have to touch every piece bc the material is so soft! it’s like an addiction. i could live in these sweaters *-*
      thanks for you comment xo


  1. Hi Lea, I’m sorry I can’t to isolate your motif from the rest. On ‘dress’, I love the the texture of the wall evocative, this has colours in harmony with the skin of the girl, from the honeysuckle rose to the pure black. The horizontal strap follow the simphony of the bricks. In brief, this model looks so sensual.
    In second place I like the ‘fashion still-life’, the streaky black and ivory of the top, is answering the rythm of the ‘Chlorophytum Comosum’. Maybe this composition, the triple overlap of rectangles with a green starry circle on the left upper corner, could like to Kandinsky or Miró.
    Excuse but I don’t like the black socks of the first picture and the blue cap of the second, in my opinion to fix this, I think it would be suitable to take some casual piece for replace it with something more ‘cool’ or chic.
    In any case congrats for your post. Kindly Henry.

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    1. Wow i can totally see you’re so well versed in art! How you described the pictures, i would never make these connections between wall and the model! Very fascinating how you have an eye for these artsy things:)
      Thank you for the comment

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      1. You’ve got a dynamic blog. I guess you’re almost a ‘geek’. I think you are a good retoucher of pictures and you continuously are changing the settings of your site. Then the merit belongs to you. I’m the pasive part, the observer.

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