Fashion Trends in Summer

white lace -be romantic


long skirts and dresses with ballerinas


b&w -old but gold


red hot chilli -must not be that dramatic


these are catwalk styles. turn them a bit down because that’s not how i would wear them 🙊just inspiration and what i found at


9 thoughts on “Fashion Trends in Summer

  1. Hi Lea, now I have not more time to extend the comment but in my opinion, among these twelve models, I choose the third model of the group ‘dramatic’ with immense advantage. By its combination of colors, shapes, the wonderful innovation in footwear, and suggestive facial expression of the girl. Thanks for stopping by on the self-portrait post. xo

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      1. Good morning Lea, now I must to leave home for go to the work, and I will be offline. But I’m so glad because after in the evening or in other moment we can to talk about any topic. With you it is possible any conversation. Thanks for your comment. ❤

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