June Favourites

the post about my may favourites was the most liked post of all i ever wrote. so i guess you cuties like reading about the stuff i like in each month. if you want to i’ll do these favourite posts every month -if i have something new to show 😇

so let’s start!


phone cases are an addiction of mine! i could buy literally all of them -of course only the ones i find pretty. this one is with real pressed flowers in it! so beautiful! only a bit difficult to remove from the phone. i recommend using an old credit card to push between case and phone when you want to remove it. >urbanoutfitters



this month i really liked wearing two jewelery pieces. first of all my beautiful silver ring. it’s so filigree and decent and that’s what i like about jewelery. when it’s not too much and it adds just some special accent to the outfit. so this pretty one has like a knot in it and all of my friends always wonder how it was made because it’s just something different. i don’t see knotted rings that often. it’s from a local fair we had a few months ago. some new young designers showed what they produced and i fell in love with this ring, so i got it as a present form my parents. i was so happy 💎>


the second piece i want to show you is an also very filigree bracelet. sadly it’s golden -i like silver jewelery more- but that’s not so important because i still love it! it has little pearls in jade green and the closure is quite special as you can hopefully see on the picture. >


IMG_5368 IMG_5369 IMG_5371

my two favourite lip products were

  1. marykayatplay lipstick in heartthrob. a very gaudy striking colour you can wear when you have a night out or just when you’re a bit more brave to wear colours on your lips.
  2. Yves Rocher lipbalm. my everyday lipbalm with a bit rosy colour in it. i realized recently that even if the balm is gone the colour stays very long!


well if you can call the things i’m wearing fashion then i’m showing you my favourites.

  1. crop top with transparent insertion. pattern is zig-zag and it’s cropped. i love it because it’s so different form the other things i wear. very beautiful!  >
  2. bralette with crossed straps at the front. i especially like wearing it underneath the crop top from urban outfitters. looks so pretty together. and the material is so soft i could cry! >


  1. Roots Manuva – Stolen Youth >found it because of my new favourite tv show Skins. i love it!
  2. Azealia Banks – 212 ft. Lazy Jay >perfect for running btw

that’s it! my favourites. hope you liked it. please leave me a feedback if you want to have continuous blog posts about monthly favourites. and tell me what were your favourites! see you 😘 Xx


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