Diagnosed with Laziness

so yeah… i don’t know if you still know who i am. because i haven’t posted for two weeks… if laziness was illegal, i am definitely guilty. i asked my phone why i got this problem. well… the answer wasn’t really explicit.

so i can’t tell you. but you know being lazy is like an illness. you can’t get rid of it so easily and it really disturbs you. it whispers in your ear that it’s okay to lay down on your bed and act like Netflix is a very good friend, even if you have to study. but the school year ends soon and next year i have no time pretending to have other stuff to do. then it’s really important and i think i should care about my grades. it’s not that i don’t care but i don’t do anything. i do nothing! laying in the sun and sweating all the shit out i saw and heard the day won’t help me anymore. does anyone of you know how to get better? i want to get that guy out of my head so i can be a busy lizzie!


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