Holy Guacamole

 Let’s have a bbq!

Salad dressing

  • boil water to loose the vegetable stock
  • fill in a little glass bottle
  • add mustard and vegetable stock (as pulp)
  • shake it
  • add 4 big spoons of rape oil, 1 of olive oil and 2 of vinegar
  • to make it creamy: add cream


  • slice a very ripe avocado and remove the pit and paring
  • crumple the avocado until it’s a pulp
  • flavor with salt, pepper and lemon juice

 Grilled cheese

you can buy cheese for barbecue now quite everywhere because being vegetarian and vegan is really fancy recently. so that’s a nice alternative for meat. i especially like the ones with breadcrumb coating. just grill it with aluminium foil to protect the cheese from the fire.



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