Express yourself

It’s time to be yourself and to be happy. Do what makes you happy. Eat, sleep and repeat is not what we do anymore. We have fun -exclamation mark.

I’m happy when I can decorate the world on my own. Just how I like it. I change and modify it whenever I want to. My room is an always changing place where I’m allowed to feel free. It’s my special place to be.

Do it

I love plants. I’m a plantinators and my plants are friends, no food.

And I draw. Not very good because often my drawings are quite creepy but I do it. Because I want to. Never let somebody tell you what to do with your comfort zone. My mum hates my paintings. But no, they are at my wall and they stay where they are!

Do what you love. And now: tell me what YOU love. You all are an inspiration for my brain and help me to express myself. I love you. orry for my weird thoughts. It’s late and I’m hopless…


9 thoughts on “Express yourself

  1. Oh Lea, yesterday I left you a comment with my agreement with avibrantday user, but today I can’t see it and neither the gravatar of Like. If you don’t liked it please tell me something. If it was a calculated erasure, then excuse me if I have said something you don’t like. And if you want I won’t visit your site any more. But please I ask some explanation why?


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