Healthy… or nah?!

Being vegan, vegetarian and healthy eating is really a big trend right now. I love food and when you look at me I’m always eating. So can I combine those two things? I hope so.


Things that helped me

First of all I set myself a goal to live more healthy, do more sports and just be my better self.

  • I began to eat fruits. Cooking and spending long time in the kitchen is not really my thing. So I decided to take small steps of being healthy. Every time I was hungry or wanted to eat a snack I told myself that it’s better to eat a banana now than cake and stuff. Of course I still eat sweets and unhealthy but my first step was to reduce that.


I had to learn to appreciate eating fruits. So I made myself watermelon ice to make it easier for me. You just have to crop slices out of the watermelon and add a spit into the paring. Then you should freeze it for like 30 to 45 minutes to make it a bit more crispy and cool.


  • Then I stared to do more sports. I have holiday now, so I decided to get my beach body ready. Because I have loads of time till we got to the beach I started doing workouts on YouTube with my yoga mat. I was surprised how easy it is to hang on a 20 minute workout. It’s really not too hard. You don’t even have to do long exhausting workouts, just easier ones but you should do it regular. Maybe 3 times a week would be good to get yourself fit and in shape. Just search for a leg workout or whatever you want to train and there you’ll have a big choice!

These were my easiest tips and tricks for you how to be a little bit more healthy. Do you have tips for me? Leave them in the comments xx


11 thoughts on “Healthy… or nah?!

  1. Oh by the way I nominated you for the A Quote A Day tag (I think that’s its name) if you pop over to my blog I nominated you on the first day of the tag so you should find out a bit more about it over there! Good luck!

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  2. I love watermelon so much, I need to try this! I’ve wanted to go vegan for ages now, as soon as I move out, it’s on! For now I’ll have to stick to pinning recipes on pinterest! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award which I worte about on my blog, I love your blog and I hope you enjoy answering the questions, If you want to, of course!

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    1. Yes it’s always a hard decision if you want to be vegan or not and it’s hard to keep doing it and not giving up..
      Thank you for the comment and the nomination πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•


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