What to do with flat hair


Today is hair day! Why? Because I finally started to like my hair after I don’t know how many years. What a success in life… Anyways, today I want to show you what I did to my flat-totally-no-volume-hair to make it at least ok looking.

image1 (1)

First of all I wash my hair. Surprise. What am I using for this? Of course the aussome Volume Shampoo by Aussie. Best bubblegum smell and best way of making my hair squeaky clean. And when I say squeaky I mean squeaky because it really squeaks. Totally recommend this, it’s really aussome! Another important thing inΒ my hair routine is that I wash my hair in the evening otherwise it wouldn’t really work.

After that, when I gently rubbed my hair dry a bit I wait until it’s only a little wet. Then I start putting a tiny amount of mousse in my hair. Mine is by Nivea but I think every mousse works quite the same… And then I am not blow drying my hair.I haven’t blow dried it for several years which makes my hair look really healthy, so if your hair is a little damaged really try to leave out any heat.

Now I’m going to let everything air dry really nice until I go to bed. What I’m doing now is to braid my hair really loose to kind of keep it in place while I sleep and to have a bit of waves in the morning.

Whem I’m awake my magic bullet is already waiting…not. But anyways I’m using volume powder to lift up my hair. And lifting up means lifting up. I’m very literal today. Use only a tiny amount and put it on your roots and I promise, your hair will stay like this the whole day.

And now everytime I look in the mirror I’m actually quite happy with the things that go on on my head. Please tell me what you do to your hair that makes you happy when looking in the mirror. I want to know!

Have a voluminous day! xx



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