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The First Kiss




The first kiss is something i expected to be perfect, romantic and life changing. Well, I got disappointed in all aspects…

Here’s the story of me being kissed for the first time. It kind of was my birthday party. I say kind of because it was like one whole month later but anyways, we celebrated that I finally turned 16. I was the last one, the others were already older than me. So I thought I’d do something different than the normal drinking eating and sitting parties my friend did before. I thought a bit about it and finally I asked them if we wanted to go to a club for the first time. Well, yes me and my friends aren’t really party animals so it was the first time.

And we did it. We arrived there and I was kinda nervous because I also invited the boy I really liked with his best friend who was (awkwardly) in love with me, but that’s another story… At first we danced and drank beer and stuff. I always looked for the one and only boy I wanted to see the whole evening and finally found him after like 3 hours. How early. We danced a bit and everything was quite nice. Till me and my best friend lost them.

But when you are clubbing and don’t look like a potato other boys are coming to dance with you. And so there were two others who pulled me and my friend apart. Boy one who was with my best friend went somewhere with her and I got a little anxious to be lost alone in the club now but boy two started to dance with me. I was a little drunk, so I did nothing against it and danced too. He started pulling me to a wall where we kept on dancing and finally he looked in my eyes. I still think he was squinting which I find very funny right now. Anyways, I somehow looked back because well, I don’t know why… And then suddenly his lips were on mine, sucking and doing things that didn’t feel very nice. After I don’t know how long I told him I was going to look for my friend and went away.

I didn’t know his name, the only thing I was left with was shame and a hickey on my lip. Very nice. So guys, I expected so much from my first kiss. But it went really weird I would say. Worst way ever to get kissed. And the best is that the one boy I’m in love for like 5 years now was in the same club which makes me kind of depressed.

Tell me your kiss story and if you think mine is gross (which I think right now). And tell me if you want to hear more desperate stories like this because I want to share my despreateness…

Lots of kisses (haha) xx


6 thoughts on “The First Kiss

  1. Mine was with this boy I hadn’t seen in two years, and he came round to my house with my other friend. My other friend went to the toilet and I ended up kissing him, and it was… STRANGE. I miss him sometimes, meh. And my second was with my most recent boyfriend. Just… No.

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      1. It sort of is, because afterwards, I completely lead him on (also, when we kissed, my friend cracked his tooth on the sink and came in the room and told us, having no idea what had happened)

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