Last months favourites

I’ve been off my blog a while but of course I haven’t stopped making myself  better looking with things you can put on your face or wherever… That’s what I want to show you today!

1. Mat eyeshadow

I don’t really use these eyeshadows to colour my lid they just help me to keep them mat because otherwise they get oily as hell! So on a daily bases I like to use only the two lighter shades on the left. When I like to make my eyes look a little defined I also love using the other darker shades. Very natural!

IMG_4686IMG_4687 -here

2. Moisturizer

My skin really tends to get dry like a desert but I finally found something to stop it from looking patchy. This moisturizer is soo rich and also kind of oily but when you use it before going to bed it works wonders!


3. Lip butter

Also my lips are dry. What else. And I always thought I wouldn’t like cocoa smell but when I got this from a friend for secret santa and first tried it I fell in love with the smell.


4. Lash and eyebrow mascara

These two are just representative for firstly waterproof mascara which makes a way better effect than non-waterproof ones and secondly clear eyebrow gel which I really started loving because it helps so much to not look bushy like a polician in Germany called Waigl.

IMG_4689 Mascara& Eyebrow gel

That’s it now. Leave a comment to entertain me and tell me what you liked the last months.

Bye bye xx


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