There are some things that I own. I don’t mean like my favourite shirt or my cellphone. I mean people. Yes I don’t own these people. But I own a little part of their heart, of their thoughts they spend every day. Sometimes I am surprised if they waste a minute talking to me. Spending time with me.
But then. Then they are suddenly gone because I didn’t take care of them. Because I neglected them. Because I didn’t know how important they were. And then, when they are gone I feel lost. I feel alone. And then I realized how much I needed them. I only appreciate things when they are gone and I can’t get them back.

Please don’t leave


6 thoughts on “Lost

  1. We all make that mistake. We think people or things will never leave us and then we start taking them for granted. It doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate them. We just don’t show them or let them know that we do. Suddenly they’re gone and we feel guilty because we never told these people how much they mean to us. A loving word, a smile, there are so many ways we can people show how much they mean to us. Of course it cannot take away the pain of losing someone or something but it can making dealing with the pain a lot easier. It’s one thing to grieve for someone you lost. That’s hard. But having to deal with a bad conscience and doubts whether you have neglected that person is unbearable. It doesn’t take much to show someone how much we appreciate them. If you do that regularly they won’t leave you – or if they do it’ll be easier to deal with all the pain.

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    1. What a nice comment. And it’s so true. I guess it’s really that we take things for granted which aren’t and that’s the mistake but I think I should really think of that now and try to smile a bit more.. πŸ™‚
      Thank you xx

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  2. Hello, I’m new to wordpress and I really like your blog and the whole concept of writing our thoughts and stuff. Would you mind checking out my blog? πŸ˜€

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