What I like

So, that’s a basic thing everyone does. Lists of favourites. But I have some things I want to show you because I’m literally obsessed!!

1. Omg, let’s just talk about these sneakers. I still can’t handle the fact that these babies are mine! I mean, copper cream-y taup-y sneakers! Now I totally understand these sneaker freaks because these are literally holy! ๐Ÿ‘‘ ->here

2. Yes, I know. Basic bitching here… but what shall I do?! Avocados are and will forever stay the yummiest thing! And yes this picture is necessary because of course no one of you know how an avocado looks -I’m so funny…๐ŸŒš

3. This book. read it the third time now. Still entertaining and consists of everything I ask for in a book. Typical teenie story. Original title lobsters ๐Ÿฆ€

4. Spreading a little german vibe here. Prinz Pi is a german rapper I really liked lately. Especially one song! -> 1.40m watch the video because it’s so nice!

5. My glasses. I lost my view that’s why I’m such a hipster now.->here

6. Spring festivals. Here in Germany we have a festival called Wasen or in october better known as Octoberfest in Munich. Where all Herman the Germans wear their lederhosen and dirndl and of course drink a lot of beer ๐Ÿป We sing typical german songs and I just love it! If you want to know what we jam to listen to that! I would never listen to that kind of music usually but when you’re drunk it’s fab! Oh, and if you’re bored google the lyrics in english haha.

So that’s it. Hope you have a good day xx




20 thoughts on “What I like

  1. yes girl love them glasses !! so cute – also avocado is life ahah. ps. i adore your bed sheets ! where are they from ??? would love if you could check out my channel ?? would love your opinion :)) xxx

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