So, I actually left my house recently and went somewhere far away. You surely can’t guess by the title that I went to London, so I’mma tell you that I went to London.

First of all I’ve never been to a city with so much love for detail and I don’t know how to say, maybe cuteness is the right word. Everything was just so pretty. Like, every house. I love these red clinker-brick-houses and  also love the brown ones and the white ones haha and they were literally everywhere. Just the style of all these buildings there. The old ones are all white the new ones are with extra much glass and I fell totally in love with the architectural style. No matter where you look there’s one pretty thing you should take a picture of.

View on Buckingham Palace, London

The Tower Bridge, London

And also the people there. I’ve never seen so many cultures in one place. London is literally the center of multiculturalism and an explosion of different nations with people from all over the world. Many french peeps, italian, from eastern european countries or even America. The only ones that I didn’t get to meet there were the British. Just kidding, but really the multiculture there is so I don’t know big maybe that it’s hard to find British people, whose accent I love soo much btw! But I don’t think that’s a bad aspect. Everyone was just so happy and good together that I loved the variety of heritages. It was like a big meeting point of all nation who seemed to live all in harmony and with so much joy for life.

What I can totally recommmed was our hotel. The Colonnade in Little Venice. Check that out.

The Colonnade Hotel, Little Venice

And in gerenal my favourite part of London was Little Venice. Never seen such a pretty neighbourhood with again all these nice houses and the canal with all those pretty little boats.


The Quince Tree in Clifton Nurseries

The Canal, Little Venice

Another highlight was Camden Market. As I said maybe the center of different cultures and especially on the Food Market so much happiness and just a nice vibe in general.

So these were my first London espressions. Maybe you’d like to read more or maybe you just want to put in your twopenn’orth (do you say that? I googled it).

For more pictures you can follow my Instagram.

Have a nice day xx


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