I’m back (maybe)

So guys, I’m back. At least for this post. Has actually anyone of you noticed that I was gone? That’d interest me…

Anyways, my online diary carries on now and I hope I will find some more time to blog in the future.

I’m now in my last school year and I will graduate in June 2017 which I’m so fucking afraid of. I already wrote about this but it still spins around in my head like a ghost. My parents always ask me where I want to go to universitiy after school and what I want to study. And I’m super scared of what will happen after school. I’m then only 17, so I don’t want to go to uni staright away. My dream is to travel and go to other countries to have some time where I can explore cities and have just fun and no worries. Easier said than done because I have no idea how to do that. Do you have any tips of how I could go in other countries instead of an Au-pair year? It would be super cool if you could give me some advice on that…

School is by now going quite good my marks aren’t that bad and I really hope they won’t get bad because for what I want to study I need good marks. I really want to study psychology but that is so hard if you aren’t too good in school.

If there wasn’t school I could say that my life was perfect. My private life I mean. Since July 19th I’m dating the nicest guy I’ve ever met and I’m so happy to have him. I’ve never experienced something like this before. I know it’s really early to call it love but sometimes things just feel right with one special person. And I think he’s just the right one for now.

I’d love to read something about your life recently, so if you want to leave me a comment that we can chat a bit it would make me insanely happy.

Stay positive and have a great day Lea xx


2 thoughts on “I’m back (maybe)

  1. Hey you! Welcome back! Of course I noticed your absence, it’s like a hole in the blogosphere darling ❤ you'require last year can be so, so tough but hang in there and I'm sure you'll come out with brilliant grades. Like Elm said- how about a gap year? I'm volunteering in India right now with a charity that sends school leavers overseas. They're amazing- look up Project Trust!!! It's the best decision I've ever made.


    Anne // http://www.aportraitofyouth.co.uk


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