Festival love

Who doesn’t like festivals? And music. And food. And spending a chilled time with your friends. Exactly. No one doesn’t like that. That’s why you should spend your summer doing nice things, GOMO (go out more often) and have fun not sitting at home all day.

Just like me. A few weeks ago I went to a super cool festival in my home town. I’ve never been there before because I’ve always been too young -perks of being a baby. But well, this time I went there and here’s the thing I want you all to know.

When you’ve got any kind of possibility on going out on like festivals, just meeting your friends or like even going on holiday, please do it. I realized how much of my life I wasted by sitting on the sofa being grumpy because nothing was going on. Sometimes you have to take the initiative on your own and organzie a fun night or day.

Here are some photos of my festival time, just to make you jealous and keen on going to festivals! Let’s party a bit!



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