Awards, Awards!

wow guys i’ve been nominated for three awards so let’s write a post about that becasue i already waited months to do this…

ok first i got nominated by Jerrod for The Creative Blogger award. then the lovely Nicole Alexandra Chua nominated me for the Sunshine Award and also by Nicole and by poetry and chocolate and books i got nominated for The Sisterhood Of The World Blogger Award! i’m so happy and thankful for that, i can’t even tell!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

i really can’t tell how grateful i am! thank you all so much! and i’m sorry i can’t write a full award blog post about these awards because i really haven’t got enough time to do that, what makes me really sad! and i hope it’s okay i do it like this, just to thank and nominate some other bloggers.

but anyway i wanted to do this even it’s not right… ok let’s see who i want to nominate, for all of the three awards by the way, so choose one or even all three you want to write a post about.

Krissy Penner

Jerrod Anielle Lopez






so they aren’t so much but for me it’s enough. and i hope the bloggers are a bit happy about the nomination, i don’t know. but anyways have a great day -Xoxo πŸ’–


18 thoughts on “Awards, Awards!

    1. You can write about the sisterhood in the world award, the creative blogger award of about the sunshine award 😊 your choice.
      To see what you have to do just click on the linked bloggers in my post (where i thanked for the nomination) and look for their blog post about the particular award 😊
      Hope you understand xx

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    1. Welcome 😊 check out Nicole Alexandra Chuas blog (linked in the blog post) and look for her post about the award 😊 of you don’t find it i can give you the link


      1. yes i did it because when you go online on the computer and look at my blog it looks way better like this because it’s with a paragraph if you know what i mean. if i don’t do that the two letterings will overlap… that’s not so nice πŸ˜‰


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