200 Flamingos

Hello everyone! I can’t believe we’re already 200 people on this blog! That’s so exciting when you think of the fact that I’m -sadly- a very unregular blogger… Shame on me! But I try really hard!

Life update: I feel better. I’m still really stressed out when it comes to school because I’m still not able to get my shit together. Right now I should prepare an important presentation but of course I do something else. For example designing a new header for my blog. I was in a really flamingo-y mood and well that’s why you have to look at this flamingo in my header now. I quite like it. Do you too?  Or I’m checking my instagram and snapchat for new snaps or something of this one boy who doesn’t care about me at all anymore. We had this thing going on on a birthday party of a friend of mine where it was all really nice and stuff but I kind of found out that I don’t really like him. And he doesn’t like me. So why the hell is my brain unable to stop thinking of him?! Even if I don’t even like him?! Can someone tell me what’s wrong with me? Maybe it’s the fact that I can’t come across with knowing that someone can’t stand me and I don’t know why.. Haha I got too much problems that aren’t important. And all that just to not do my school stuff. I’m so lazy I could cry haha.

Well tell me what’s going on in your life if you feel the need to chat or something 🙂 Have a sunny day xx -ps: it’s finally spring here yay!


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