One year

So, guys. It’s coming to an end. Next year is the last year on school. I’m now only 16. How the hell should I already know what is coming next?

I always felt like a little stressed when I thought of graduating from school but then I always knew I still had a couple years and enough time left to think about that. But now I have one year. One year!

For me it’s always been clear that I don’t want to go to university straight after school, I always wanted to travel. And I always thought, of course I’ll have money for that. But then my parents asked me how the hell I wanted to pay that. And then everything began to totter. Because I was too dumb to think of paying and stuff. Now I’m not sure anymore if I’d even get to do something elese than sitting at home. Crying… haha

My second dream was, no still IS, that I wanted to study psychology. I know that’s a clichee. All those little girls suffering from anxiety are so super duper interested in psychology. But well, I actually really fucking am! That has been my biggest wish for a couple years now. But now I’m having a look at my grades and I ask myself how the hell I could overcome my laziness and study to get them marks better?!

I’ve always asekd myself what would happen after school. I imagined a great and free world. But now it’s nearly time and I have no clue.

So. What comes next?

Screenshot (38)





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