June Favourites 

Maybe or maybe not, but you might have noticed that I love favourite posts.  I just like showing my things and I especially love reading all of your comments. Really. That’s also a huge favourite, you all who are reading my blog. We’re a small nice community and I love it!

First of all I love my polaroid camera. Shame on me I don’t have a photo to show you but well.. I just love the idea of it. Taking a photo you can’t plan and you just take spontaneously in a moment of happiness without filter oder posing.


Then also this thingy here. My skin has been really bad and irritated lately which totally sucks and I definitely do NOT like it. Do you hear me, skin?? I hate that! Anyways… I love this aloe vera gel here. It’s 98% pure aloe vera and it really helps to calm down you skin when it’s having redness or is spotty. Loved that!


Next thing is my oh so loved new phone case. All my friends are jealous and also want to have one haha 😀 It’s with a mirror back and here as a representation you can see my peace spreading finger, of course. What else.


Another favourite is my perfume by Yves Rocher. I have it already for like two years or so but last month I really liked using it. It smells like pure roses and is  perfect for summer when I want to feel like a bouquet of flowers!


And of course I have some music goodies for you!

  1. Parfum thérémine – Odyssée ; makes me so calm – perfect chill out song
  2. Draw Your Swords – Angus & Julia Stone ; I freaking loove his voice!

Also I’m a bit proud  because I managed to design myself a new header for my blog and -excuse me- I adore it 😀 I just like the design and everything.. Maybe you’d like to check that out and tell me if you like the layout of my blog, it’d make me so happy 🙂

Hope you liked that post! Tell me what your favourites were!

Screenshot (38)




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