What is love?

What is love -baby, don’t hurt me.

That’s like one thing that love is. Getting hurt. But it’s also so much more. I already wrote a blog post about imagination and how I always wished things to be and then when I expected it least it happened to me. It. Love.

And it feels great. When you find someone you can trust and someone who is just as dumb as you are and with who you you don’t have to be ashamed of who you are. That is love for me.

Okay, me at the age of 16 talking of love sounds weird because of course I’m too young to tell you what it really is. But isn’t love all about that? Finding out on your own and finding your own right way of loving. And that’s the part where I especially want to say, it really doesn’t matter who or what gender you love, okay?! Everyone should understand that.

And now, me having a huge crush on someone can’t realize what is all happening. I’m literally drunk in love -thanks Beyoncé… Time flies by and I still don’t understand what happened between us and what is going to happen. This person blocked my brain, not saying it was clear before haha

My only wish is now that no one gets hurt. But you know what? I got over expecting and imaginating things. It will all happen how it has to be and I think that’s exactly why I can’t be disappiointed this time. Because everything that comes surprises me.

Are you in love?




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